About Allcenta

Allcenta delivers high-quality development, IT solutions and services through its team of technically skilled, agile and responsive professionals that have a combined 30 years of experience.
We Provide professional web solutions like web hosting, website Designing, web application development. We are pioneers in Web solutions since last thirty years now, based at city of India. We also provide redesigning of website and addition of more features like E-commerce, payment gateways, to the existing websites.Currently we are the team of 18 specialists with strong customer focus. We assist small, medium and large companies in building their professional web presence. You web site is worked over by:

  •   Basic & Advanced Web Design.
  •   Creative web designers.
  •   Responsible project managers.
  •   Experienced quality testers.
  •   Professional marketing team.
  •   Basic & Advanced Web Development.
We are guided by our values everyday, in everything we do

Many companies have value statements. But most have it on websites and on office walls. But true value is shown when one gets rewarded and let go.

Below are our core values and the behaviors we care about most. It serves as a platform that guides our decisions and how we measure our success and impact. It serves as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. Simply put, it is how we run our company by our culture and values. Every day, we are guided by our ten core values.

The more these sounds like you, describe the people you wish to work alongside with, you are likely to thrive and grow at Allcenta.

Take Ownership Be Accountable

We take personal responsibility for finding a sense of purpose and meaning in our work. We have the freedom to own our career path. We are not limited to our job description. Everyone involved owns success or failure of the project, from start to finish. We never leave anything incomplete. We are accountable and hold others accountable.

Personal & Professional Growth

We have an ongoing desire to grow ourselves and inspire others to grow around us. We can either grow or stagnate, there is no middle ground. We will take time to help others, share what we know and grow together.

Passionate about our Work

We are the people who love what we do and do what we love. Tapping into the power of passion is essential to being able to accomplish what we want with ourselves and with our company. Having a passion for our work is energizing, something we are looking forward to, that we cannot wait to dive into, and it makes us happy. It inspires us and others around us.

Openness, Honesty and Transparency

To be fair to oneself, the organization and our clients. Treating others the way we wish to be treated ourselves. Create a WIN-WIN situation.

Have Fun Work Smart

We should work hard and party harder. We foster a healthy work-life balance and build a positive and energizing work environment.

Do More With Less

Resources are never in abundance, we all have to work and operate within given constraints. Biggest constraint is time. We need to focus on what will make the most impact using least amount of resources. We ensure instead of treating any limitation as a bottleneck, we need to focus on effectiveness.

Build Relationships

Relationship is the core ingredient of human beings, be it family, society, organization or clients. We build lasting relationships with our peers, clients, and partners. We put it above monetary benefit and small motives, we believe in relationships and we build them for life, not just for a season or a reason. It is truly connecting, collaborating effectively, building trust, understanding perspectives and being highly dependable to everyone: our team, clients and community.

Vision & Mission

We at Allcenta INC are on a Mission to help Small & Medium Size business to have an online presence by which they become visible to their target audience and execute your business idea to reality, by creating your website, web applications & mobile application, which creates exponential business growth & execution of your idea at a reasonable cost, so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

We help small and Medium size Businesses, by creating their website, web applications, & mobile application.

The kind of customer who love our work are the one who do have clear understanding of what they need and who do not appreciate cutting corners in delivering quality or delays in response and execution time.

Our Service is all about attention to detail, high creativity, Cost Effectiveness, Reliable, Transparent, on time, that provides awesome desired results as expected, & never let you pay more than you need, or give less attention than you deserve, Unlike other agencies, we offer detailed scope of work prior contracting, bug free, and a committed single point of contact to service each client, on time, and deliver quality service at Affordable Price, as defined in contract. Our philosophy being “Complete Customer Satisfaction” which makes us a people oriented company, wherein we work person-to-person and not business-to-business.

  •   Allcenta uses fresh and innovative ideas.
  •   We design interactive and dynamic web sites never make use of ready made templates.
  •   Client Base of 2500+ websites from more then 35 Countries.
  •  Use of Innovation and new ideas in making the process of web development smooth and fast.

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